EA: Brake servo

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 2: P2 series
code RR code title qty unit price
EA060 G54240 Staple for Servo Lining, small horsepower & P2 16 £0.95
EA095 GB468 Lining, servo balance lever, lower, 20/25, 30, Bentley (not M-series) 1 £22.12
EA190 G52156 Bolt, tapered, ret. bearing in servo drum, 20/25 to H2, Bentley to series D 6 £5.88
EAD020 G78524/pc286 Lining, friction, brake servo, Phantom 2 2 £35.59
QTW150 G77672 LTW, gearbox brake cross-shaft 1 £4.5
QTWD140 G76815 LTW, thrust washer nut, brake servo, Phantom 2 to end of P2 series 1 £2.54