DA: Differential assembly

code RR code title unit price
DA001A C W P gearset 4.1 : 1, standard, fitted with studs £1845.11
DA003A CWP gearset 3.64:1, high ratio, fitted with studs £1853.63
DA005A Crown wheel and pinion gearset, 4.3 : 1, fitted with studs £1894.32
DA010 GB4080 Pinion double row bearing £442.35
DA011 GB1134 Nut, retaining pinion thrust bearing £49.35
DA012 Spring, pinion bearing cover £6.93
DA013 GB583 Locking plate, pinion bearing nut POA
DA015 GB2017 Housing, pinion bearing £216.3
DA016 GB2018 Cover, bearing housing, modified to accept modern oil seal £115.72
DA017 Oil seal, pinion, lip type £8.08
DA018 Speedisleeve, coupling modification £39.52
DA019 GB2704R Washer, oil retainer, pinion bearing housing £87.62
DA020 Pinion nose bearing with inner £81.32
DA025 GB1386 Pinion nose bearing no inner, Bentley to end of L-series £223.65
DA030 Differential duplex bearing £196.56
DA031 G101226 Nut, retaining inner race, duplex bearing, Bentley to end of L-series £31.82
DA032 GB602 Nut, retaining outer race, duplex bearing £58.05
DA040 Differential roller bearing, Bentley to end of L-series £128.16
DA041 GB625 Nut, retaining inner, differential roller bearing, to end of L-series £34.02
DA045 Differential roller bearing, Bentley M-series £220.38
DA046 GB2978 Nut, retaining inner race, crown wheel duplex bearing, Bentley M-series £34.02
DA050 GB1378 Halfshaft (long) O/S, Bentley to end of L-series £748.97
DA060 GB1379 Halfshaft (short) N/S, Bentley to end of L-series £748.97
DA070 O/S halfshaft oil seal, B87DK to end of L-series £42.83
DA080 N/S halfshaft oil seal, B87DK to end of L-series £42.83
DA090 G100135 Halfshaft bush, Bentley to end of L-series £29.96
DA100 GB4149 Planet gear bush £20.7
DA110 GB588 Planet gear spacer washer £11.36
DA115 GB4147 Crosspin, carrying planet gears £439.13
DA120 GB595 Halfshaft spacer washer £12.34
DA125 GB2980-6 Halfshaft spacer washer, M-series only £16.19
DA130 Halfshaft central spacer £4.33
DA150 Duplex bearing spacer £16.5
DA160 G100833/4/5/6/7 Pinion bearing spacer £17.5
DA170 GB581 Pinion oil seal, felt £4.37
DA175 GB2011 Stud, pinion housing, 1BA £8.15
DA176 Stud, pinion housing,1/4" BSF £13.6
DA180 Crown wheel stud - 1/4" BSF £6.92
DA190 GB4926 Crown wheel stud - 5/16" BSF £10.41
DA200 Halfshaft oil seal, Bentley M-series. £43.21
DA210 GB3254/UG3756 Pinion nose bearing no inner, Bentley M-series £336.93
DA220 GB2953/GB2786 Halfshaft (long) O/S, Bentley M-series £833.06
DA230 GB2954/GB2787 Halfshaft (short) N/S, Bentley M-series £833.06
DA240 GB2725 Flange coupling, pinion gear, with oil scroll £218.26
DA241 Flange coupling, pinion gear, without oil scroll £208.37
DA280 Screw,1BA, retaining oil seal carrier, B87DK onwards £5.45
DA290 Stud, differential split casing £11.03
DA300 G3935 Nut, 5/16" castle, short, for differential carrier £2.54
DA340 Differential box & crown wheel carrier ass'y, Bentley not M-series £1015.18
DA350 Differential box and crown wheel carrier assembly, Bentley M-series £1015.18
DA490 GB2648 Housing, thrust bearing, N/S differential side plate, Bentley £186.56
DAA050 Bearing assembly, crownwheel thrust, Silver Ghost 1700 on, Ph 1 to series B2 POA
DAB100 G7651 Adaptor for drain plug, rear axle, 20hp, 20/25 & P2 £57.09
DAB140 G7685 Crosspin trunnion, carrying planet gears, 20hp and 20/25 £304.04
DAB230 Thrust bearing assembly, pinion, 20hp up to GOK45 POA
DAC140 G70311 Crosspin trunnion, carrying planet gears, P1 J2A on, P2 POA
DAD025 G78086 Stud for mounting crown wheel, Phantom 2, L2 and M2 series POA
DAD030 G78530 Stud for mounting crown wheel, Phantom 2, N2 series on POA
DAD050 G76875 Seal, felt, 2.70" O/D x 2.25" I/D x 0.175" thick, 'medium' felt POA
DAD060 Bearing, pinion nose: Phantom 2 £103.05
DAD070 Bearing, roller, crown wheel: Phantom 2 £109.89
DAD080 G75346 Bearing, special Duplex, crown wheel: Phantom 2 £424.27
DAD090 G76879 Bearing, pinion thrust and support: Phantom 2 £445.01
DAE075 G55838 Halfshaft, N/S, 20/25 GWX65 - end of K2 series POA
DAE080 G53312 Halfshaft, O/S, 20/25 series P - GWX64 POA
DAE085 G55837 Halfshaft, O/S, 20/25 GWX65 - end of K2 series POA
DAE105 G54440 Bush, halfshaft, 20/25 mid range - end of Wraith £35.18
DAE115 G54478-85 Washer, thrust, halfshaft, 20/25 GTK on, 25/30 and Wraith POA
DAE200 G54007 Housing, crownwheel thrust bearing, diff housing, 20/25 series Tb - G2 £200.4
DAH010 G83619 Oil seal, pinion, rear axle, P3 £4.42
DAH110 G83533 Bush, differential planet gear, Ph 3 to 74 in C, 25/30 & Wraith £55.27
DAH115 G83286 Gear, differential planet, Ph 3 to 74 in C, 25/30 & Wraith £71.04
DAH200 G85174/G85175 Differential casing & crownwheel carrier assembly, Phantom 3, 3CP150 on £975.15
DAJ010 G57111/G57201 Crown wheel and pinion 41x9, 25/30 £1759.01
DAN050 GW1435 Nut, retaining inner race, crown wheel roller bearing, Wraith £34.55
DAR004 Crown wheel and pinion 13x50, 20/25 £2321.77
DAR020 Pinion bearing, roller, 20hp and 20/25 to GTK41 £103.05
DAR025 G54269/G52880 Pinion bearing, thrust, 20hp GOK46 on, 20/25 to GTK41 £294.05
DAR030 G83388 Pinion bearing, 20/25 GTK42 to end, 25/30, Wraith & P3 £542.27
DAR040 Pinion nose bearing, 20hp, 20/25 to GTK41 £96.17
DAR041 Pinion nose bearing, alternative to DAR040 £96.17
DAR045 Pinion nose bearing, 20/25 GTK42 on, 25/30, Wraith & P3 £136.94
DAR049 Bearing, roller, carrying differential box, 25/30 and P3 £103.52
DAR053 Thrust bearing, complete, 20/25 crownwheel carrier, EXCHANGE ONLY. £259.82
DAR070 Seal, halfshaft, 25/30 & Wraith, & P3 to 74 in C series £14.38
DAR085 GW1767 Halfshaft, N/S, Wraith £829.19
DAR130 Halfshaft central spacer, 20/25 & 30 £4.62
DAR165 G50676 Pinion oil seal, 20hp & 20/25 up to GTK41 £4.37
DAR170 G83619 Pinion oil seal 20/25 GTK42 on, 25/30, Wraith & P3 £4.37
DAR200 G7375 Bush, halfshaft, 20/25 £56.66
DAR210 G7376 Bush, differential planet gear, 20/25 £35.58
DAR220 Spacer washer, halfshaft gear, 20/25 £19.99
DAR230 G7664-71 Spacer washer, diff planet gear, 20/25 & 25/30 £9.58
DAR245 Bearing, single row ball, diff carrier O/S, 20hp & 20/25 to end of G2 series £67.86
DAR250 Bearing, single row ball, diff carrier N/S, 20hp & 20/25 to end of G2 series £82.91
DAR280 G55867/G57110 Bearing, duplex with split outer, 25/30 & P3 (USE DAR281) POA
DAR281 G55867/G57110 Bearing, duplex with split inner, supporting diff carrier, 25/30 & P3 £228.54
DAR540 Oil seal, halfshaft, P3 £59.06
QAW011 Aluminium washer, 0.875" x 0.625" x 1.20mm £0.52
QAW015A (KB1082)/G53575 Aluminium washer, 1.000" x 0.756" x 1.20mm £0.53
QAW017A KB1093/KB1084 Aluminium washer, 1.250" x 1.000" x 1.20mm £0.54
QSN114 Nut, steel, 7/8" x 16 tpi, Bentley pinion gear £14.43
QSN116 Nut, steel, 3/4" x 16tpi, Bentley pinion gear POA
QSN132 E6883 Nut, castle, 1/4 BSF x 0.325 long, Bentley crownwheel, P2 crank damper outer £2.57
QSN144 E6432 Nut, castle, propshaft U/J coupling flange, small hp fr engine support £2.51
QSNR136 G3178 Nut, castle, 3/8BSF x 7/16, dynamo drive 20hp & 20/25, P2 crownwheel £5.42
QTW117 GB2977 LTW, N/S halfshaft bearing, Bentley M-series POA
QTW119 GB624 LTW, O/S halfshaft bearing £5.32
QTW120 G101229 LTW, N/S halfshaft bearing £5.39
QTW125 GB2080 LTW, pinion 7/8 diam. £8.3
QTW138 GB580 LTW, pinion 3/4" diameter £8.74
QTW139 G100139 LTW, differential duplex bearing £7.43
QTW148 GB1336 LTW, N/S halfshaft oil seal £2.74
QTW174 G50447 LTW, differential pinion flange nut, 20/25 £2.83
QTW175 G7647 LTW, oil drain rear axle, 20hp and early 20/25 £5.48
QTW176 G53177 LTW, pinion thrust retaining nut, 20/25 £2.48
QTW182 G50716 LTW, pinion thrust retaining nut, 20hp £5.72
QTW187 G7640 LTW, halfshaft bearing retainer, 20/25 £4.87
QTW189 G55978 LTW, crown wheel carrier b'ring retainers, late 20/25, 30 & Wraith £3.38
QTW190 G55212 LTW, pinion nose bearing, 25/30 & Wraith £3.11
QTW191 G83894 LTW, pinion drive flange 25/30 & Wraith A&B series £2.48
QTW192 KB2965 LTW, pinion drive flange, Wraith C series POA
QTW204 G83894 LTW, pinion nut rear axle, P3 £2.48
QTW205 G55978 LTW, nut retaining differential carrier bearing, P3 to 74 in C-series £3.38
QTW206 G54452 LTW, Duplex bearing outer, P3 differential £7.43
QTW207 G82644 LTW, oil seal carrier, P3 differential £3.63
QTW208 G84541 LTW, retaining differential carrier box halves, P3 & 25/30, 85 in L2 series on £3.72
QTW209 G55212 LTW, pinion nose, P3 £3.11
QTW217 G53332 LTW, rear axle oil drain, late 20hp, P2 £5.64
QTWD122 G76518 LTW, pinion flange nut, rear axle, Phantom 2 £3.44
QTWD126 G77616 LTW, N/S bearing retainer, rear axle crown wheel carrier, P2 to end of S2 £4.69
QTWD130 G70357 LTW, differential carrier, N/S, P2 £4.04
QTWD131 G75587 LTW, differential carrier, O/S, P2 £4.04
QTWH100 G85168 LTW, N/S crown wheel carrier support bearing, Phantom 3, 3CP150 on £6.09
QTWH101 G85165 LTW, O/S crown wheel carrier support bearing, Phantom 3, 3CP150 on £6.09
TKY020 E14707 Key Woodruff , 3/16 x 3/4 £1.91