CC: Front brakes

See Bentley 3½ L: A series
code RR code title qty unit price
CC005 Front brake shoe assembly, relined; EXCHANGE ONLY 4 £148.42
CC021 Toe shoe, relined 8.5mm thick, front footbrake, EXCHANGE ONLY 4 £33.16
CC030 Pivot bush, front brake main shoe 4 £16.94
CC031 Pivot bush, front brake main shoe, oversize 4 £16.94
CC035 GB2020 Washer, steel, brake shoe pivot 4 £4.88
CC040 G100793 Pivot bush, front brake toe shoe 4 £6.15
CC045 GB3243 Spring, toe shoe 4 £3.91
CC050 Bush - toggle pin 4 £4.46
CC060 G100349 Pull-off spring, lower, front brakes, Bentley 2 £28.4
CC070 G100347 Pull-off Spring, Fr Brake Top 2 £28.09
CC080 GB2025 Bush, front brake toggle shaft, C series on 2 £33.4
CC088 GB2077 Housing, brake toggleshaft bearing, requires bush, N/S & O/S, Bentley A & B ser 2 £33.16
CC097 GB2705 Brake toggle, front and rear, Bentley and Wraith 4 £33.58
CC101 G100373 Bush, tapered bore, toggle shaft, Bentley 3 1/2L 2 £15.77
CC110 G52487 Brake lever ball pin 4 £29.36
CC115 G51750 Cap end, brake lever lower balljoint 2 £93.72
CC118 G52554 Nut, pinch bolt, brake rod balljoint 4 £1.8
CC120 G52769/G75006 Cover, top balljoint fr.brake, small HP chassis and P1, P2 2 £21.53
CC130 G52770 Cover, bot.balljoint fr brake, small HP chassis and P1, P2 & P3 2 £22.55
CC150 Spring, brake adjuster wing nut 2 £4.19
CC160 Retaining collar, brake adjuster spring 2 £7.11
CC225 G100774 Brake carrier plate, N/S, early 1 £204.17
CC226 G100773 Brake carrier plate, O/S, early 1 £204.17
QSN100 K4007 Nut, steel, 1BA x 10mm AF 4 £0.4
QTW123 E72951 LTW, Front brake shoe pivot Bentley, main bearing oil gallery P1 4 £2.44