CB: Front hub and brake drum

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 1: E2B series
code RR code title qty unit price
CBA010 G4689/pc114 Spring ring, ret sliding piece in wire wheel hubs, Silver Ghost, P1 & P2 2 £5.87
CBA020 G2769/pc113 Spring ring, ret locking ring centre of wire wheel, Silver Ghost, P1 & P2 2 £18.31
CBA040 G70061/pc120 Felt washer, front hub, Silver Ghost S - U, Phantom 1 & Phantom 2 2 £3.78
CBA080 Bearing, outer, front hub,Silver Ghost 1100 on and P1 to end of B2 series 2 £45.42
CBC100 G75240 Washer, soft fibre, inboard bearing retainer front hub, P1 series C2A on, P2 2 £5.29
CBD060 Bearing, inner, front hub, Phantom 1 and 2 2 £143.37