CB: Front hub and brake drum

See Rolls-Royce 20hp: D series
code RR code title qty unit price
CBA050 G2767/pc101 Screw, centre of hub oil cap, Silver Ghost, P1 & early P2: bright nickel finish 2 £9.98
CBB050 G50791 Ring, spring, retaining wheel nut in wheel centre, 20hp to 20/25 GBT21 2 £7.75
CBB060 G50790 Ring, spring, retaining sprung locking ring in hub, 20hp, 20/25 & 25/30 2 £5.72
CBB100 G51792 Bolt, hub to brake drum, front, 20hp 24 POA
CBR068 F50931 Washer, fibre, inboard bearing retainer front hub, early 20hp 4 POA
CBR085 Bearing, inboard, front hub, 20hp and 20/25 2 £48.51
CBR091 Bearing, outboard, front hub 20 hp 2 £36.84