CA: Axle beam and stub axles

See Rolls-Royce Wraith: B series
code RR code title qty unit price
CAN010 GW1492 Stub axle, O/S, Wraith 1 £483.69
CAN020 GW1493 Stub axle, N/S, Wraith 1 £483.69
CAR075 GW1962 King pin, Wraith 2 £228.63
CAR076 GW1809 Bearing, top, king pin, Wraith 2 £182.95
CAR099 RF8366 Bearing, lower, Wraith king pin (inc. rollers) 2 £250.3
CAR106 GW399 Thrust washer, king pin, Wraith 2 £33.6
CAR141 GB2329 Felt seal, Wraith king pin, lower bearing 2 £4.37
CAR160 GW1444 Standpipe, king pin, Wraith 2 £8.51
CAR162 Standpipe and bolt assembly, Wraith 2 £51.09
QTW224 GW398 LTW, king pin, Wraith 2 £3.95