BGR: Front suspension, Wraith & Phantom 3

See Rolls-Royce Wraith: A series
code RR code title qty unit price
BGR010 GW1762 Spherical cup floating, front suspension, Wraith 2 £45.66
BGR020 GW1332 Spherical cup, fixed, front suspension, Wraith 2 £51.21
BGR030 GW1478 Bolt, through lower ball joint, Wraith 2 £49.3
BGR037 GW1330 Washer, adjusting, clamping suspension ball pin 2 £3.14
BGR040 GW1331 Ball pin, front suspension bottom joint, Wraith 2 £138.48
BGR050 GW1769 Felt seal, ball cup, front suspension, Wraith 2 £1.36
BGR055 GW1759 Washer, steel, against floating ball pad 2 £4.35
BGR060 D53778 Felt seal, ball stem, front suspension, Wraith 4 £1.36
BGR062 GW823 Cup, retaining inner felt seal, ball stem 2 £7.47
BGR070 FB3072/GW806 Pin, bearing, upper suspension pivot 2 £86.65
BGR075 GW807 Spacer tube, upper bearing pin, Wraith front suspension 2 £18.24
BGR080 GW1594 Bolt, through centre of upper suspension pivot, Wraith 2 £49.32
BGR085 G83638 Cap, aluminium, over 1-shot pipe to upper bearing, Wraith & P3 2 £30.98
BGR090 GW800 Bearing housing, upper suspension pivot, Wraith 4 £80.23
BGR100 GW814 Housing, bearing, inboard needle roller, Wraith lower triangle 4 £59.64
BGR110 Oil seal, inner pivot shaft, Wraith lower triangle 4 £51.55
BGR130 GW1717 Spring, coil, outer, Wraith front suspension 2 £116.08
BGR135 GW1716 Spring, coil, inner, Wraith front suspension 2 £105.04
BGR140 GW1593 Gasket, rear cover, Wraith front suspension 2 £4.1
BGR145 GW730 Gasket, spring housing, Wraith front suspension 2 £3.14
BGR150 GW1964 Vertical link, N/S, Wraith 1 £1130.14
BGR210 Oil seal, upper lever pivot, front suspension, Wraith 4 £42.64