Damper link for 20/25, GVO11 - GKT21

Up to 20/25 chassis number GLZ51 the link joining the front shack damper to the front axle was a straight tubular strut. The strut is fitted with a ball joint at either end. This arrangement was superseded by the triangular shaped ‘front spring anchorage bracket’ or A-link.

Up to chassis number GFT62 the strut as fitted on production was solid. Adjustment was made by screwing in an adjustable ballpad at the lower end of the strut to reduce the play in the ball joints without imposing any stiffness. From GFT62 to GBT21 the strut was modified - a spring was fitted between the upper and lower ball joints rather than a solid link. This allowed the ball joints to be spring-loaded and self-adjusting and introduced an amount of compliance into the strut.

The spring-loaded strut was a direct replacement for the earlier solid strut. Cars from GVO11 to GFT62 may have been retro-fitted with the later sprung strut, but there is no simple external visual indication of the change. In the Section and Parts Filter the parts for the solid and sprung struts are shown as alternatives for chassis between GVO11 and GFT62.