BE: Shock dampers

code RR code title unit price
BE011 Front N/S damper, Bentley CW series on, with Ride Control: exchange £821.03
BE020 FB321 Front O/S damper, Bentley to end of CR series, without Ride Control: exchange £821.03
BE021 Front O/S damper, Bentley CW series on, with Ride Control: exchange. £821.03
BE051 F100879/F61164 Bush, outer damper lever arm, and Ph 2 65MW on £41.79
BE052 F85059 Bush, inner damper lever arm, and Ph2 65MW on £46.83
BE055 Seal housing, shock absorber, (exchange) £42.45
BE056 Seal housing, shock absorber, (outright) £67.45
BE060 Oil Seal £6.04
BE070 Centralising ring, oil seal £2.67
BE080 F100885 Gasket, seal housing £2.18
BE090 F75074 Gasket, top cover, 20/25 GKT22 on, 25/30, Bentley, Wraith rear, P2 £2.18
BE100 Gasket, end cover to body £2.18
BE110 Sleeve, Lever Arm Overhaul, 1.375" diam. £45.88
BE120 Speedisleeve £34.46
BE140 FB1371 Diaphragm bellows - rear damper POA
BE170 F10989 Gasket, valve assembly, 20/25 GLZ52 on, 25/30, Wraith and Bentley £2.18
BE180 F85005 Olive, ride control pipe £2.38
BE190 Pipe, flexible, ride control pump £110.13
BE200 FB1174 Bolt, rear shock absorber mount to chassis, 1.175" long, Bentley D series on £25.23
BE205 FB596 Bolt, rear shock absorber mounting, 3.1" long, Bentley C-series only POA
BE220 F59290 Pad, hardened, shock damper piston £33.01
BE231 F59293G Piston assembly, cast iron, shock damper £192.58
BE250 Adjuster, external, shock damper loading £137.38
BEA010 /sc108 Cup washer, leather, inner, shock damper Silver Ghost & Phantom 1 V - A2B £17.19
BEA020 /sc108 Cup washer, leather, outer, shock damper Silver Ghost & P1 V - A2B £17.19
BED010 F80331/pc277 Shaft, front shock absorber off side, Phantom 2 series J2 to M2 £302.61
BED020 F80330/pc277 Shaft, front shock absorber near side, Phantom 2 series J2 to M2 £302.61
BED030 /pc276 Repair bush, shock absorber arm, Phantom 2 series J2 to M2 £140.29
BEE030 F58105 Damper, rear N/S, c/w mounting bracket, 20/25, T-Z, EXCHANGE. POA
BEE040 F58104 Damper, rear O/S, c/w mounting bracket, 20/25,T-Z, EXCHANGE. POA
BEN052 FW1897 Bush, inner, damper lever arm, Wraith C series on. £53.57
BER010 F50326 Cup, leather, inner, 20hp friction damper £18.48
BER011 F50325 Cup, leather, outer, 20hp friction damper £18.48
BER051 Bush, outer damper lever arm £41.67
BER055 Seal housing, shock absorber (exchange) £27.24
BER070 Centralising ring, oil seal £3.81
BER125 Speedisleeve, damper 20/25 & P1, 1" shaft repair £34.02
BER130 25X35X5MM Oil seal, late 20, early 20/25, P1 shock damper lever arm 25x35x5mm £6.31
BER180 E19058 Filler plug, shock damper, 20hp J series on and early 20/25 £11.76
QAW010A E27486 Aluminium washer, 0.706" x 0.440" x 0.70mm £0.44