BC: Rear springs and shackles

See Rolls-Royce Phantom 2: J2 series
code RR code title qty unit price
BCD010 F78662/PC261 Bush (flanged), shackle, front of rear spring, P2, all series 4 £53.97
BCD020 F70267/PC262 Bush (flanged), spring eye, rear of rear spring, P2 series J2 - part N2 4 £47.01
BCD030 F75003/PC263 Bush (flanged), shackle, rear spring swinging shackle, P2 all series 4 £39.41
BCD040 F76571 Hanger pin, rear of rear spring, Phantom 2 to part way through K2 series 2 £364.1
BCD050N1 F78659/pc245 Shackle pin, frt of rr spring, P2 series J2 - M2 both sides, O/S N2 on 2 £52.73
BCD060P1 F75002/pc242 Shackle pin, rear of rear spring, P2 all series 2 £58.49
BCD070 F75004-9 Side washer, 7/8" bore, rear spring rear eye, P2 to part N2 series 4 POA
BCD170 F70405-9 Bolt, centre, rear spring, Phantom 2 2 POA
BCD250 F80495 Cover, leather, front hanger of rear spring, P2, O/S all chassis, N/S to end M2 2 £51.26
BCR015 Gaiter set, rear springs, R-R P2 1 £609.18
BCR061 F4935 Nut, rr spring shackle pins, 20 hp, 20/25 & 25/30, SG, P1 & 2 (fr & rr) 4 £5.72