BC: Rear springs and shackles

See Rolls-Royce Wraith: A series
code RR code title qty unit price
BCR010 Gaiter set, rear springs, R-R small h.p 1 £574.03
BCR300 FW1343 Shackle pin, rear spring, Wraith 4 £122.02
BCR310 FW1342 Bush, rear of rear spring, Wraith 4 £86.53
BCR320 FW1500 Washer, retaining rear shackle bush, Wraith 4 £5.59
BCR330 FW1341 Washer, sealing, rear shackle bush, Wraith, under head of pin 4 £0.46
BCR340 E2239 Bush, silentbloc, front of rear spring, Wraith 2 £79.53
BCR350 FW306 Rubber clamp, upper, Wraith rear spring 2 £52.93
BCR360 FW305 Rubber clamp, lower, Wraith rear spring 2 £52.93