AA: Chassis frame, mountings, brackets

See Rolls-Royce Wraith: A series
code RR code title qty unit price
AAH340 Jack unit, hydraulic, front of chassis, Phantom 3 and Wraith 2 £1426.3
AAH350 E83984 Jack unit, hydraulic, rear of chassis, Phantom 3 and Wraith 2 £1303.71
AAN010 GW2042 Buffer, rubber, front suspension, Wraith 2 POA
AAR010 FW1018 Rubber, front engine mounting, Wraith 2 £39.64
AAR110 FW1629/FW1656 Wraith gearbox mounting support assembly 1 POA
AAR115 FW1730 Wraith - torque reaction gearbox mounting: exchange 2 £103.09
AAR120 GW2017 Wraith gearbox stabiliser rubber 2 £14.94
AAR125 GW2015 Wraith gearbox stabiliser, rubber distance piece 1 £9.4
AAR126 Anchorage assembly, gearbox stabiliser link, Wraith 1 £169.87
AAR300 FW1363 Rear bump stop rubber, Wraith 2 £33.55
AAR320 Seals for Wraith & Phantom 3 jacking system (car set) 1 £85.2
AAR335 Washer, copper, inside top cap of chassis jack 4 £1
QSN117PL Nut, headlamp mounting, chrome plated 2 £25.11