AA: Chassis frame, mountings, brackets

See Rolls-Royce 20/25: O series GXO11 on
code RR code title qty unit price
AA115 E52496 Shim, crankcase mounting clamp 4 £5.49
AA115A Shim, crankcase mounting clamp, oversize on thickness. 8 £2.46
AA250 F100369 Rubber stop, front axle rebound 2 £25.24
AA270 FB296 Rubber stop, rear axle rebound 2 £35.68
AAR080 F57075 # Use AAR081 with AA085 #Rear engine stabiliser rubber, 20hp R on,20/25 to GBT21 4 POA
AAR081 Washer, to allow AA085 to be used for 20/25 to GBT21 4 £6.52
AAR261 F54462 Housing for front axle rebound rubber, Rolls-Royce 2 £33.22
QRW100 E30209 Washer, spher,eng. mounting. 4 £2.72
QSN117PL Nut, headlamp mounting, chrome plated 2 £25.11