Sections and Parts Filter


This area of the Website shows the parts appropriate to a particular Section of the vehicle, including a number of generic parts. By selecting the chassis series of your vehicle you will be able to filter out and view those parts within the Section which, to the best of our knowledge, are relevant to your particular motorcar.

If you don’t know the chassis series to which your vehicle belongs go to the Chassis Finder page to find out.

If you are new to the Parts Filter please go to the 'Help' Page for more information.


Much of the information used to create the Section tables is based on data contained in Rolls-Royce 'Lists of Parts' (LOPs). These relate specific parts to chassis numbers or chassis series. The original Rolls-Royce chassis numbering is excellent, but occasionally ambiguities arise due to a vehicle identity being changed and a later chassis number being assigned in place of the original. Not all Rolls-Royce records relating to chassis numbers are consistent across the board, and this leads to uncertainties. Some of the LOPs themselves are not clear or ambiguous.

The data for the Parts Application Filter has not yet been completed for all sections of the car. As soon as a new Section has been completed it will be added to the Website.

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the Parts Application Filter. However, there is an enormous volume of data required, and the quality of this is being continually improved. Should you find any errors please would you draw these to our attention.

To use the Parts Application Filter you need to know the Chassis Series that includes your car. If you do not know it please use the Chassis Finder facility.

Early Silver Ghosts and Springfield-built cars were not assigned Chassis Series as such. We have taken the liberty of creating a Chassis Series for these cars to help list and describe them. Please ask.

See About Chassis Series for more general information about Chassis Numbers and Chassis Series