Part Numbering

Our Part Numbering Philosophy

The original system of part numbering employed by Rolls-Royce for all the pre-war chassis which they built was not particularly user-friendly. The part number assigned to a particular item gave very little indication of the application of that item. With the benefit of hindsight, we have evolved our own system of part numbering, such that the part number itself gives a clue as to the area of the car where the part is to be found. We have divided the car up in to several main sections, and each section is then further subdivided. The initial letter of the part number indicates the main section of the car, such as engine, or suspension, and the second letter refers to the subsection.

However some parts will be found in numerous different applications, such as nuts and pipe fittings, and these will have a more general part number. These are all to be found in sections Q, S and T of the Parts List.


The Catalogue lists all parts in sequential order, divided into sections of the vehicle. However, this takes no account of parts which may be used in two or more different sections. Nor does it indicate which generic parts found in the Q,S,and T sections are used where on the vehicle. Information as to the suitability of a part for a particular vehicle is given, but often this is not very explicit. For more specific information as to application go to Sections.