Tools and equipment

We are able to supply a range of general workshop spanners in BSF and BA sizes. These include open ended and ring spanners, and also socket spanners in a variety of sizes. Please enquire.

code RR code title unit price
PB010 EB1129 Shaft, starting handle, Bentley to end of CW series POA
PB011 EB1123 Dog, starting handle shaft Bentley, 20/25 G2 on and 25/30 £92.68
PB014 EB1124 Spring, plunger, starting handle shaft £3.47
PB019 EB1776 Shaft, starting handle, Bentley B2DG - B200DG POA
PB020 EB2114 Shaft, starting handle, Bentley B1DK - B199DK £351.45
PB020:1 EB2297 Shaft, starting handle, Bentley B2EF on £351.45
PB021 Shaft, starting handle, 25/30 £0
PB030 E56745 Crank, starting handle, Bentley to 203CW, 20/25 GBT22 - end F2 £410.02
PB040 EB2111 Crank, starting handle, Bentley DG series POA
PB041 EB2112 Crank, starting handle, Bentley DK series on £410.02
PB050 FB556 Jack, short, iron body POA
PB060 Handle, short jack POA
PB070 Cross-piece, wood, jack handle £27.04
PB080 FB2601 Jack, tall, aluminium body, type 37 POA
PB090 Handle, tall jack POA
PB100 Spanner/extractor combination tool,crank damper,small hp with low inertia damper £112.95
PB110 GB910 Spanner, wheel nut, 3 1/2L £192.32
PB115 FB2051 Spanner, wheel nut, 4 1/4L £192.32
PB116 GB741 Wheel spanner, basic, Derby Bentley and Wraith £135.43
PB120 FB761 Hammer, wheel spanner, heavy £256.59
PB125 Hammer, wheel spanner, light £256.59
PB130 Bracket, jack mounting, on bulkhead, painted £107.41
PB200 Tool clip, 3/4" £22.44
PB210 Tool clip, 7/8" £22.44
PB250 T-bar key for boot lock, 120mm long (approx), nickel plated £7.28
PB251 Keyhole escutcheon, lift up flap, Budget lock £11.28
PB300 Hub removal spanner, castellated, Bentley £115.55
PB310 Guide collar, hub spanner £35.52
PB320 Hub puller, for use with PB330 £146.48
PB330 Screwed shaft, hub puller £57.9
PB340 R2831 Drive Dog Puller, all small horsepower cars & P3 £60.47
PB350 Spanner, wheel disc retaining ring, Bentley. £67.17
PB370 Hexagon key, ride control pump plug removal £23.66
PB380 Swaging tool, tapered, cylinder block tubes, small horsepower £54.24
PB390 Spanner, starter motor drive slotted nut. £71.15
PBA010 E5265/PC604 Magneto spanner, Silver Ghost P series on, P1 £36.64
PBA020 E4272 Tappet spanner, Silver Ghost J series on POA
PBA050 Clutch pedal depressor, Silver Ghost £232.48
PBA100 /PC605 Wheel spanner, for Buffalo wheels, Springfield cars £512.72
PBA120 G34256/PC602 Disengaging tool, wire wheel hub locking ring, Silver Ghost & P1 £76.18
PBA170 /pc606 Washer, leather, Enots oil gun piston, Silver Ghost, P1 & P2 £6.59
PBA220 E315/se179 Spring, starting handle withdrawal, Silver Ghost 1400 - series U £8.06
PBB010 D50837 Spanner, distributor adjustment, 20hp on and Phantom POA
PBB100 Spanner, removing wire wheel, late 20hp, 20/25 and 25/30, reproduction £270.87
PBC110 G3425A/PC607 Hub locking ring spring compressor, Phantom 1 and 20hp £76.18
PBD300 G75544 Spanner, castellated, hub grease cap retainer, Phantom 2 POA
PBD310 Extractor, hub, P2 £290.53
PBE030 R3336 Bracket, mounting DWS jack to front axle, 20/25 and 25/30 £45.21
PBE060 Crank, assembly, starting handle, 20/25 series G2 on, 25/30 £410.02
PBE210 E56751 Spring, forward end, starting handle, 20/25 GBT22 - F2 £5.66
PBE220 E56750 Spring, engine end, starting handle, 20/25 GBT22 - F2 POA
PBE230 Shroud, over front spring, starting handle, 20/25 GBT22 - F2 POA
PBN020 R2516 Spanner, castellated, to remove hub grease cap retainer, Wraith POA
PBN051 EW1054 Starting handle, Wraith, less rotating grip £345.5
PBR011 E56746 Dog,starting handle shaft, 20/25 GKT22 - end of F2 series £119.65
PBR300 R2851/G52664 Hub grease cap spanner, castellated, RR small horsepower and P3 £112.91
PBR301 R2828_(G52664?) Pin spanner, rear hub ret. nut, 20, 20/25, 25/30 & P3 £109.11
PBR310 R2837(F55116?) Extractor, hub, 20hp, 20/25, 25/30 & P3 £275.3
PBR321 Body, hub extractor PB310, P2 POA
PBR351 Spanner, wheel disc retaining ring, Phantom II £67.17