Outer bearing, front hub

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Sections requiring CB020

CB020 may be utilised in the following sections:

If you know which series of car you are interested in please select it from the following drop-down list. The list of Sections will then be rebuilt to show only those that require CB020 for the chassis series that you have selected.

Alternatively you can browse the main catalogue starting from CB020 in the "Front hub and brakedrum" listing.

A note on the assembly of Hub Bearings

Before assembly it is important that the hub bearings are packed with a good quality high melting point grease. This should be worked in to the bearing cage around the balls or rollers. The bearing must not be packed fully with grease, as this may prevent the cage from moving or the balls from rotating freely. Premature bearing failure may result. It is recommended that about half the available space within a bearing should be packed with grease.

The space between the two bearings should be filled one third to a half full of grease.