The Parts Catalogue gives details of many of the parts that Fiennes Restoration stocks and supplies specifically for pre-war Rolls-Royce and Derby Bentley vehicles. Wherever possible these are manufactured to a specification similar to that required by Rolls-Royce before the war, if not better. In addition there are a number of parts that will have more general applications in other marques and other branches of engineering.

Parts in the Catalogue are listed by the Fiennes Restoration part number. In addition, where known, the equivalent Rolls-Royce part number is also given. A number of the Phantom and Silver Ghost parts also appeared in the Coldwell Engineering Parts List, and as a number of these are still in circulation the Coldwell Engineering part number is also given as a cross-reference. These all begin PE, PC, SE or SC.

A Chassis Frame, Fittings etc.
B Suspension
C Front Axle
D Rear Axle
E Brake Actuation
F Steering
G Engine and Clutch
This covers all sections of the engine
H Transmission
J Fuel System
K Cooling System
L Electrical Instruments and Wipers
M Exhaust
N Pedals and Linkages
O Wheels and Tyres
P Body Fittings, Tools etc.
Q Fasteners and Washers
S Consumables
T Miscellaneous

The Parts List Catalogue lists all parts by Section of the vehicle, regardless of the model or chassis range. Thus Silver Ghost and Bentley parts are listed together. The parts shown are all new except where indicated. If you require a part which is not listed, or which you are unable to identify from the Catalogue, please do contact us and we will do our best to help. If when in doubt you are able to send a photograph of a part it can save a great deal of time!

Many of the parts listed in the catalogue have accompanying photographs. Click on the description of the part to see the photograph.

Finish of parts
If a part number has a suffix '...NF' it is supplied with a natural finish. If the suffix is '...PL' this indicates that the part is plated. Some items are supplied painted.

Where POA shows in the Price List please enquire concerning availablity and price.