The Mechanical Team

Mechanical restoration expert. After a career working with commercial vehicles decided that he would rather exercise his skills in an environment where engineering is still valued. Knows engines and transmissions intimately. A keen motorcyclist and uses martial arts to keep fit. An experienced and greatly valued player in the restoration team.

Specialises in mechanical restoration and chassis rewiring. Like many others felt that the modern garage trade was lacking in traditional engineering skills. If not at work, or enjoying time with the family, often found on mountain biking trails or involved in other physical sports. Uses bikes -motorised and man-powered - to come to work. In the first 6 months at our new premises cycling to and from work clocked up over 1000 miles.

Highly-skilled mechanic all round but specializing in Phantoms and Ghosts, with a great knack for steering assemblies. Worked on modern cars for 10 years and then wanted the opportunity to work on more challenging historic vehicles. Enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and son while occasionally squeezing in a quick victory on the go-karting track. Also a keen motorbiker so likes working on any vehicle with two or more wheels. A valuable part of the restoration team.

A talented mechanic. Specialises in suspension and dampers. Everyone enjoys his company. Before Fiennes, restored and maintained an American vintage car collection having always worked on cars as a hobby. Before cars, spent 13 years with Oxford Scientific Films as an engineer. As a kid living next door to a cinema, grew up fascinated by projectors. Still today finds time to help with his brother’s film archive and projector collection.

Recently joined Fiennes. Straight away proved invaluable with 20/25 engine diagnostics. Previously worked on Riley and British Salmson cars, amongst others, for 17 years. Outside of work enjoys walking, cycling, and visiting museums and galleries. Has also traveled across Asia: from India to China and down to Singapore. While staying in Kowloon (Hong Kong), escaped from a burning building and helped 12 others evacuate - including a caged canary and a bowl of gold fish.