The Coachworks Team

Painter and coachwork specialist, expert in the fine detail of the final assembly of restored coachwork, and a talented all-rounder (can turn his hand to anything). A keen cyclist and motorcyclist, trials and others. An aspiring competitor in the Three Peaks Challenge, on the look-out for sponsors. When not up a mountain, Nick can be found tending hens, digging vegetables and running and cycling round the local countryside.

The most experienced and expert panel beater you can hope to find. Can turn an unpromising sheet of metal into something quite breathtaking. His eye for form, shape and detail are renowned and highly prized. Flies a microlight. Has been known to take it to the south of France. Loves travelling with his family and having the time to enjoy a variety of local real ales.

Our fittings and fixtures specialist. He has the most impressive tool collection imaginable and uses it to achieve the highest level work. After an apprenticeship at Rover (British Leyland) worked in their research and development team for some years. Interested in all aspects of technology, and always intrigued by the latest gadgets. In the past has owned all sorts of remote controlled vehicles, but these days prefers computers and all that entails.