Under body/chassis protection - preparing for salt on the roads

Throughout the winter salt on British roads is the arch enemy of old cars. Gritting lorries spray salt all over the roads before a cold snap. This minimises the chance of cars coming into contact with black ice and crashing.

Modern cars generally come as standard with a sealant on their underside which stops salt from getting onto the metal of the car and making it rust terribly.

Old cars are not so lucky! They were not sealed underneath as standard. Older metals were often untreated and therefore the cars were much more prone to rusting. Salt eats into metal remarkably quickly. If an old car is lucky enough to have been sealed underneath at some stage in its history, the under body protection will need checking and redoing in order to remain constantly effective.

So here is where we come in...
This Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is being treated and will be ready for the winter roads. It's a grubby old job but once it's complete it will give peace of mind and many years of rust-free motoring.