New equipment

We have recently installed a new HAAS 'Super Mini-Mill'. This replaces a similar but less well-equipped machine that we had acquired some three years ago. It complements our larger HAAS VF4 machine that is used particularly for the production of larger components such as cylinder heads and blocks.

The HAAS Super Mini-Mill in place

The HAAS Super Mini-Mill in place

Everything has been thought of, even down to the provision of a new brush for cleaning down the Mini-Mill after use. Coloured red, of course, to avoid confusion with other lesser brushes.

Delivery of the HAAS Super Mini-Mill

Even the best comes gift-wrapped...

Unwrapped and exposed...

All is revealed - just as it looked in the catalogue! It really is a HAAS Super Mini-Mill!

Please don't drop it...

Unloading heavy machinery is a highly skilled exercise, particularly in a confined space.

Almost there

The Mini-Mill on the way to its final position