Massive Parts Clearance


As the world’s largest supplier of pre-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley spare parts, we stock over 20,000 different items. We know how important it is for our customers to have speedy access to parts in time of need. However, we have slowly accumulated excess stock in some areas. So, for the first time ever, and for a limited period, a selection of these items are available to buy with a heavy discount.

We have released parts for large horsepower Rolls-Royces and Derby Bentleys, and this week we have released parts for small horsepower Rolls-Royces (20/25, 25/30 and Wraith).

These parts have limited stock, and the sale will be for a limited time - get your deals whilst you can!

- Click the red links below to download the list of parts available (Silver Ghost, Phantoms and Derby Bentley motorcars so far - more to come!)
- Email us on to place your order, with details of the part number and quantity
- Make sure you quote discount code "Fiennes 123", otherwise the discount will not be applied
- We will check stock and process your order accordingly.

Note, prices do not include VAT, nor do they include delivery charges. Given the anticipated volume of orders, some orders might take longer to be sent than normal. Please be patient. Terms and conditions apply, found in the pdf links below.

Small horsepower Rolls-Royce parts for sale

Small-HP-RR-list.pdf (Adobe PDF - 111Kb)

3.25 Derby Bentley parts for sale

3.5 Derby Bentley parts for sale

3-5litre-list.pdf (Adobe PDF - 101Kb) 3.5 Derby Bentley parts for sale

4.25 Derby Bentley parts for sale

4.25 Derby Bentley parts for sale

4-25litre-list.pdf (Adobe PDF - 90Kb) 4.25 Derby Bentley parts for sale

Phantom parts clearance

PHANTOM-CLEARANCE-LIST.pdf (Adobe PDF - 90Kb) Phantom parts clearance

Silver Ghost parts clearance

FIENNES-SG-CLEARANCE-LIST.pdf (Adobe PDF - 99Kb) Silver Ghost parts clearance

Silver-Ghost-block-ad-A5v2-2-.pdf (Adobe PDF - 783Kb)