MGPB Restoration

An original car yet a very unusual car at the same time. This photograph shows the car prior to undergoing a bare metal re-spray.

In 1936, during a time MG were no longer in the business of producing race cars out of their factory, the Abingdon-based team produced this: an extremely competitive race car complete with supercharger, preselector gear box, and top louvers. In 1937 the car competed at Brooklands and Crystal Palace among other famous circuits.

The car feels similar to its bigger brothers the K3 or N-Type Magnettes yet being a PB model it has the ladder frame chassis and 4-cyclinder 848cc, bored out to 930cc producing in excess of 100bhp.

The car is an extremely rare example of a PB, currently in outstanding condition. One of only 408 PBs manufactured, with approximately 280 believed to still be in existence. The car is ready to be raced, and/or used on the road, and is well known among Triple M Register members. Continuing the spirit in which the car was made, the current owner entered into FIA race seasons. He also possess extensive documentation for the car dating back to 1936.

And last but not least, the car is Mille Miglia eligible.

If you would like to see the car arrange a visit to our workshops.