Fiennes reverse-engineer dashboard switches

Have you ever tried to find an original style on/off pull switch, which were fitted to cars from the early 1930s? These are used for wipers, interior lights and other functions. For many years they have been unavailable and owners have had to 'make do and mend'. But now, thanks to the work of Will Fiennes and the Machine Shop team, these switches are available and ready to fit to cars.

With no drawings or technical information available to reproduce this part we used reverse engineering techniques to create a blueprint. The switch was then manufactured in our Machine Shop. Bezels are also available to fit to the dashboard switches, and are kept in an un-engraved state, so that they can be engraved to suit the customer’s requirements. Email, or call us on 01367810438 for further details.

The photograph shows a pull switch (part no. LG076), chrome plated knob (part no. LG155) and an unpainted bezel. Bezels are available in a gloss black or black egg shell finish.