Fiennes and the Early Cars

We are probably best known for our work with the small horse-power Rolls-Royce cars, from the 20hp to the Wraith, together with the Bentley 3 1/2 and 4 1/4 models. However, we are increasingly working with Silver Ghosts and Phantoms. Our knowledge in these cars has been enhanced by Dhugal Hunt, a long time expert on the large horse-power cars. As ever, the basis of our work is the Rolls-Royce factory specifications and processes. We are using this knowledge to develop new parts, along side our existing stock of components for the early and larger-engined cars. Details of these will be published on our website as they become available.

If your Phantom or Ghost is in need of any specialist attention, from routine maintenance and unit overhauls to restoration or rally preparation please contact us. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist.