Derby Bentley Replacement Fuel Tanks

At Fiennes we have just begun reproducing authentic Derby Bentley fuel tanks from original technical drawings – we are currently the only place in the world manufacturing these.

Derby Bentley replacement fuel tanks are being manfactured

Our Machine Shop has re-engineered press tools from original drawings. From these our Coachworks Department is creating half a dozen tanks exactly to the original specification. In forming these fuel tanks we have used the original Tinman’s (Knocked-up) Joint to create the seam which runs down the length of the tank. If you are interested in replacing a fuel tank for this model or any other, please get in touch with our office team who are always happy to discuss your requirements.

The tanks are made from steel sheet which has been hot-tin dipped for maximum protection against corrosion. However be aware that modern fuel, much of which contains a percentage of ethanol, can have a harmful effect on many materials including tin. Additives are available which when mixed with the fuel will help to counteract the damaging effect of ethanol.